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Sprint 12: Back to Work

Boy howdy, we crushed our November goal. We did only have the one, and it was an easy one besides, but we still graduated with honors.



The reason for the minimalist goal was twofold:

  1. A two week trip to Japan

  2. Thanksgiving

We were to have fun, and, for once in our lives, not obsess about writing.

Aside from time spent in airports (and hauling our luggage to our hostels), we had nothing but fun in Japan, and though we used our experiences to help inspire parts of our upcoming novel, we definitely did not obsess.



Dave did take a lot of notes, though.



And though I spent hours in the kitchen to make a feast for just the two of us, Thanksgiving was nothing but fun. It’s rare that I’m excited enough to spend a small fortune and half of my day making a multiple-course meal, so I really enjoy those two times a year that I do.

So with November successfully finished, we look to the future: December. December is always, always, stressful. It doesn’t matter how well I try to plan ahead or how many limitations I try to place on family gatherings, I always end the month so tired I can’t wait for the cold, inhospitable domination of true winter to halt all social gatherings and force us to really think about whether we want to leave the house today.

With that in mind, Dave and I have kept it simple: Dave wants to finish reading Echo Chamber Heist, making small tweaks as he goes, and keeping a list of any big-picture issues he comes across. He also intends to do some work on the cover for Dream Eater’s Carnival, and get back into the swing of internet-related book things.



I mostly want to read all of Dave’s changes and implement at least a first pass of the big changes he wants made. A first draft of the next book’s chapter one would be a huge bonus.

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