Steampunk Fairy Tales 3 book cover

Steampunk Fairy Tales: Volume 2

A heart-broken scientist travels back in time to prevent his wife's death, but a mysterious creature foils his plans.

Escaped slaves Thomas and Mia find an ancient train in the desert. What peculiar magic does it contain?

A three-inch tall samurai goes missing in a house full of demons and possessed vegetable graters, and it's up to his girlfriend to rescue him.

And what, exactly, is a beerbot?

In Steampunk Fairy Tales Volume II you’ll find whirling airships, puzzling brides, wheezing drunkards, and evil thief-kings.

Each enchanting fairy tale contains elements of futuristic Victorian fashion and steam-powered machinery; with inspiration from eight countries, including Australia, Iceland, and Russia.

Volume II follows in the rich vein of charming and unique works contained in Volume I, for lovers of the genre and for those who are just discovering it.



The Clockwork Cabinet
By H. L. Burke
In Pandora’s Box, a woman’s curiosity brought evil to the world, but curiosity is a wonderful thing. When a watchmaker’s brother gifts him with a magical clockwork girl and a mysterious clockwork cabinet, what dangers (or delights?) lie inside?
Inspired by Pandora’s Box. Greece.
The Electric Gingerbread House
By Virginia Marybury
A wood-cutter’s children stumble out of their Forest, into the maw of the Industrial Revolution.
Inspired by Hansel and Gretel. Germany.
Felis aurantiacus
By Kathy Steinemann
A scientist travels to the past to warn his wife of a fatal accident before it occurs. His journey causes unexpected repercussions that persist to the present day.
An original fairy tale.
Sunflower Sunrise
By Daniel K. Lind
Asger lives with his wife Freya on a farm outside Bronze City. When a troll tasks Asger to venture into the city, he faces a world in transformation, and a decision that will impact the rest of his life.
Inspired by various Scandinavian folk tales.
The Fairy Collector and the Three-Inch Samurai
By Leslie & David T. Allen
The tiny people living under a butterbur plant know their human neighbor is trouble. What they don’t know is he collects and sells mythological creatures. When a three-inch-tall samurai goes missing, it’s up to his friend to free him from the collection of demons and possessed vegetable graters.
An original tale inspired by Issun Boshi and the mythological monsters known as yokai. Japan.
Open, Sesame
By Angela Castillo
As a slave, Morga is used to being treated like an inferior. Surrounded by greed and ignorance, she’s the only one in her household with any sense. But when her master stirs the hive of an evil thief-king, Morga is faced with a choice. Escape, or save the idiots who enslaved her in the first place?
Inspired by Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves. Middle East.
The Synth, the Stone, and the Airship
By Eric A. Schweitz
While abroad, a young architecture student prepares for a wedding to the beautiful woman of his dreams only to receive a letter of his father’s grave illness from his homeland. Deciding to undertake the perilous voyage home, he is befuddled with his new bride’s confounding behavior and must solve the puzzle before his one true love is lost forever.
Inspired by The Witch and the Stone Boat. Iceland.
Vasilisa and the Mechanical Matryoshka
By Heather White
A young woman is sent by her awful stepmother to gain needed materials from an evil inventor. Her only help is a doll given to her by her mother. Will she be able to complete her tasks?
Inspired by Beautiful Vasilisa. Russia.
Water of Life
By Chris Champe
The king lies dying, and when his two elder sons don’t return, his youngest sets off towards an ancient city to obtain the one thing that may save him.
Inspired by Water of Life. Germany.
By Ashley Capes
When escaped slaves Thomas and Mia stumble across an ancient train in the desert it seems a perfect place to hide from pursuit—yet the wreck of the Esmeralda holds the key to a forgotten magic that might be more than they can handle—or it might just win them their freedom.
Inspired by The Bird of Truth. Spain.